“Unlock the Secret To Selling Your Home In West County With a 117 Point Marketing Plan That Will Put Your Home In Front of the Most Buyers Possible…Guaranteed”

The mere thought of selling a home sometimes is enough to make some sellers stay put. They figure that the hassle of putting their home for sale, having buyers come through their home and then having to find another one simply isn’t worth it.

Selling your West County home doesn’t have to be a hassle. As a seller you have your job, family and future destination to focus on. Another major problem that troubles sellers is selecting a real estate agent who can help them. There are plenty of nightmare stories of a real estate agent who failed to live up to the promises they made at the listing presentation.

After the sign goes up, sellers are frustrated when they don’t hear from their real estate agent. Their agent doesn’t even tell them who is going to show up. People just randomly show up to see the home!

When selling your home, you should have confidence that you are going to get what you pay for. You should be guaranteed that whatever is said will get done and in writing. Every seller selling a home in West County should get the following in writing before they sign any listing contract:

  • A contract that allows the seller to fire the real estate agent at any time. No seller in should have to stay in a 6 month listing contract with someone who isn’t doing their job.
  • A marketing plan that outlines, in detail what will be done. This marketing plan should be more than just putting the sign in the ground and putting the home on the MLS. The marketing for your home should be intensive and complete.
  • Open Communication with your agent. With 3 members of the Ewen Realty Group, you will be able to get in touch with someone to answer the questions you have. Regardless of whether your home takes days, weeks or even months to sell. It is your home and you should be told what is being done to sell the home.
  • Have a team helping you. Real estate is a complicated business. However, hiring a helping team would be very beneficial and make this process a lot easier. Also, this would cost you the same as hiring an individual agent. In other words, you should get more for your money.
  • Options. We have talented and successful members that can get you information on investment properties, rental opportunities and sales trend in your area that will allow you to make the best real estate decision possible.

Contact a member:
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Should you have any questions about the value of your West County home or simply would like a copy of our marketing plan that we perform for sellers you can call us at (314)221-6927 or fill out our contact form.