Schedule the Homes throughout West County, Manchester and More That You Want To View

After searching the West County MLS for a few weeks or maybe even longer you know that you have a good idea of what you want. You probably even took the time to speak with a lender so you understand your loan options. Now that you have driven around the neighborhoods, compared the inventory to your goals, you just want to get inside and see them.

When you made that first call to a “real estate agent” to see some homes, what happened? Did they try to tell you that you needed to approve with their lender? You tried to explain to them that you have already driven by the homes, gotten pre-approved, but they just wouldn’t listen. The one agent that did listen only showed you 1 property you asked for and then tried to convince you to purchase their listing, which wasn’t even in the neighborhood that you wanted!

Schedule the Homes In The West County Area That You Want, With No Hassle

My buyer programs are designed to reward you for your efforts. I understand that you have taken the time to get pre-approved, searched the MLS, driven around neighborhoods, and now you just want to get inside of those homes that are your absolute favorite.

Getting into these homes isn’t rocket science and it takes just a little bit of time to get everything arranged. I don’t want you to get hounded by real estate agents across the city so I invite you to consider the following:

  • Allow me to schedule the condos that are your “favorites” (most of my clients have 3-5)
  • Allow me to show you all of your favorites on a day and time that works for you
  • Allow me to give you a reward for doing your own research

Since I am a real estate agent in West County I will save you the hassle of calling every agent, waiting at properties, and having to come up with clever reasons of why you can’t go back to their office.